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InteliNano NT MRS genset controller

InteliNano NT MRS genset controller

InteliNano NT MRS
Manual Remote Start (MRS) Genset Controller

  • Controller for single gen-set operating in prime power applications
  • 3 Phase generator voltage measurement
  • Connection type and voltage auto detect
  • Various generator and engine protections
  • Biggest LCD screen in its class
  • Icon menu, no text
  • Automatic or manual GCB control
  • "Zero" power consumption mode
  • Battery voltage, Service time and Running hours indication
  • All setpoints and I/O's configurable via front panel
  • Ability to catch up on running engine (for manual engine start)
  • Light Tower mode supported
  • Event log (10 events)
  • Up to 3 analog inputs (shared with binary inputs)
  • COM terminal for analog measurement
  • Up to 6 binary inputs (1 binary input is shared with binary output)
  • 2 high side - high current outputs
  • 2 high side binary outputs
  • D+ pre-excitation terminal
  • ECU support (CAN J1939)
  • USB one-cord power supply and programing
  • License free PC configuration software (NanoEdit)
  • Standard cut-out dimension 96x96
  • Outside dimension 110x100
  • IP 65
  • UL recognized
Technical Data
Power Supply Range  6 – 36 V DC
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Total number of binary outputs up to 4*
Number of low current binary outputs 2
Number of high current binary outputs 2
Total output current 10A – long term
15A – short term
No. of Analog inputs up to 3
Measurement Inputs 3ph generator voltage
Dimensions (W x H x D) 118 x 108 x 40 mm

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» Schematic Diagram

» MRS 2.0.0.x Reference Guid
  • InteliNano NT MRS genset controller
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    InteliNano NT MRS genset controller
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