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InteliMains NT Gen-Set Controller

InteliMains NT Gen-Set Controller

InteliMains NT Mains Supervision Controller       

For multiple up to 31 gen-sets operating in parallel to mains (or isolated parallel)
Import/export power control of the gen-set group; many different power control modes available
Reverse synchronization of the loaded gen-set group to mains
Coupling of several synchronized mains to a common bus
Allows to build complex applications with more mains incomers, bus-tie breakers etc.

InteliMains NT Mains Supervision Controller       
Power supply range 8-36V DC
Operating temperature -30°C to 70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 80°C
Voltage Measurement inputs 3ph-n Mains voltage
3ph-n Bus voltage
Voltage Measurement range 110V/277V
Current Measurement inputs 3ph Mains current
1ph Bus current
Current Measurement range 1A/5A
Binary inputs Number 6 non-isolated
Binary outputs Number 6 non-isolated
RS232 Direct/Modbus
Display port non-isolated RS485,
direct/modbus/terminal connection
CAN1 External modules
250kbps, max 200m
CAN2 Intercontroller and comm extensions 250/50kbps, max 200/1000m
Type Built-in monochromatic
Resolution 128x64
Front cover IP65
Others Control buttons, Display buttons,
Breaker and voltage stage LEDs

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    • InteliMains NT Gen-Set Controller
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      InteliMains NT Gen-Set Controller
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