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InteliLite NT MRS 10 Gen-Set Controller

InteliLite NT MRS 10 Gen-Set Controller

InteliLiteNT MRS 10 Manual Remote Start (MRS) Gen-set Controller
  • The controller for single generator set including self-start, stop function with AC showed , protection
  • Three-way and speed sensor analog display, protection display (example: oil pressure, water temperature, oil level, the power generation voltage, current, speed, power frequency, power, power factor, power, running time, number of starts, an auxiliary input and output functions, etc., can intuitive front panel LCD screen.

MRS10, MRS11, MRS16, AMF25 automatic start controller, a collection of measurement, displays control and protection (for example: low oil pressure, high temperature, low fuel level, less speed, speeding, less frequent, too frequent, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent , overload, etc.), and many other functions into one, wide (8V-35V) DC operating voltage generators to meet user demand for different types of automatic control of generator sets.
Compact gen-set controller for single operating genset
Manual and remote start (MRS) applications
Full gen-set monitoring and protection
Running hours event and performance log
Multiple languages (user changeable) in controller, even more in installation suite
Plug-in extension modules capability
WebSupervisor and AirGate support*
Automatic SMS on alarm or event & gen-set control over SMS*
On-line control and monitoring over web pages (embedded web server) via plug & play IB-Lite
Optional GSM/GPRS modem/wireless Internet via IL-NT GPRS
Fuel theft protection
Alternative switchable configuration
Automatic GCB control
Magnetic pickup input
D+ preexcitation terminal
True RMS measurement
3 phase power measurement
3 configurable analog inputs
6 binary inputs
6 binary outputs

* Plug-in module required

Module contains a powerful microprocessor, enabling a series of complex functions:
Users can be Chinese or English LCD display interface switching
The controller can achieve operational status and fault conditions on the unit to monitor, alert and shut-down
Users fully on the panel of the controller according to the unit needs to set various parameters (for example: current transformers, flywheel teeth, idle time, etc.)
Users can be connected via RS232 or USB communication interface and a dedicated PC for various control mode configuration, parameter setting and monitoring
Can be completely set up six auxiliary inputs (user self scale is defined), and six auxiliary output can be used to start or stop an alarm and other functions
You may need to use a variety of expansion modules provide extended input and output functions;

Since the start and stop the generator set (controller to "Auto" mode), when the mains voltage is powered down (install a mains failure relays, optionally, an auxiliary input whether the condition monitoring for mains), the unit will be from the start, then power to the load, if the mains came back, the unit will shut down electricity supply to the load.

MRS 10 Controller/Function

Binary inputs/outputs 6 / 6
Analog inputs 3
AMF function -
Input configuration
Output configuration
Voltage measurement Gen. / Mains 3 ph / –
Current measurement 3 ph
kW/kWh/kVA measurement •/-/•
Generator Protection
Full history fi le / Running hours
GCB/MCB control with feedback 1)/-
D+ battery charging alternator circuit
Engine hours
CAN-J1939 interface -
Internet support with Web server with IB-Lite
Internet support over GPRS with IL-NT GPRS
Extension modules -
8 analog gauge drivers O
Remote communication interface3) O
Modem interface O
Modbus interface O
Remote display O
Cummins Modbus
Active SMS / E-mails O
Dummy load/Load shedding
Auto. temperature based
heating / cooling

    Key: • included
    – excluded
    O optional – plug-in module required
    1) Automatic GCB control
    2) Automatic and manual GCB control
    3) RS232, RS485, USB, INTERNET, GPRS/GSM

    Legend: IG-IOM/IGS-PTM: Analog/binary input/output modules
    IGL-RA15: Remote annunciator
    GCB: Generator circuit breaker
    MCB: Mains circuit breaker

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    • InteliLite NT MRS 10 Gen-Set Controller
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      InteliLite NT MRS 10 Gen-Set Controller
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