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InteliCompact NT MINT Gen-Set Controller

InteliCompact NT MINT Gen-Set Controller

InteliCompact NT MINT Gen-Set Controller
Genset Controller for Gensets in Multiple Parallel Applications

Compact genset controller for gensets operating in multiple island and/or parallel to mains mode (together with MainsCompact NT)
Built-in automatic load dependent start/stop system (power management)
Active Load and VAr sharing
Running Hours equalization
Full gen-set monitoring and protection
Possibility to connect up to 8 gauges to display engine values
True voltage and current RMS measurement
Outstanding EFI engine support (CAN/J1939, RS232/Modbus) with diagnostic messages in plain text
3 phase generator voltage and current measurement
3 phase busbar voltage measurement
3 phase power measurement
3 analog inputs
RS232, RS485, USB, Modbus, GSM/Analog Modem, Internet communication
GPRS communication and IC-NT RD (remote display) software
AirGate and WebSupervisor support
Support of active SMS Events or Commands
Event and performance log
2 languages (user changeable)

InteliCompact NT MINT Controller/Function

Power supply range 8-36V DC
Operating temperature -20 to -70 °C
Operating temperature (LT
-40 to -70 °C
Protection degree (front
Measurement inputs 3 ph generator voltage
3 ph bus voltage
Voltage range 480 V Ph-Ph (277 V Ph-N)
Max. measured voltage 340 V Ph-N
Measurement inputs 3ph generator current
Current range 5 A
Max. measured current 9 A
Number of Binary input 9 non-isolated
Number of Binary output 8 non-isolated
Number of Analog Input 3 non-isolated
Communication CAN1, CAN 2
Display type Built-in monochromatic
Resolution 128x64

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  • InteliCompact NT MINT Gen-Set Controller
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    InteliCompact NT MINT Gen-Set Controller
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